Monday, June 14, 2010

Crazy Linkfest

These are a few links to recent posts on my main blog -- which is also called Who Is Your Lawyer for the sake of consistency -- and is a little more fleshed out and lived in than my blogger site (akin to a primary residence vs. a vacation home). There are 30+ additional posts up and running, all more or less related to recent IP news and events, some lengthy, some chatty, some analytical, some short and to the point. If you misplace or forget to bookmark my URL just type in "Who Is Your Lawyer" in one of its many various forms (e.g., Who Is Your Lawyer, whoisyourlawyer, whois your lawyer, whoisyour lawyer (and perhaps even "who's your lawyer" or "whos your lawyer"-- though occasionally those latter variations lead for some mysterious reason to articles about the new series by David Tenant (of Dr. Who fame), called Rex Is Not Your Lawyer).

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  1. You can also find me at My main site at is still going strong, with almost 3,000 fans and 100 posts.